Growing up, Mother’s Day was always a special day in our house. It was the day we got to show our appreciation for the woman who was always sacrificing her time and energy to ensure her family was taken care of. The woman who ceaselessly loved and cared for us no matter what kind of trouble we got into or what kind of terrible things we did. The woman who, no matter how many times we tried to pull away or show indifference, just pulled us even closer and loved us even more, never asking for anything in return. The woman we call Mom.

Trying to decide what to give Mom for Mother's Day? There's nothing more special than a handmade gift! Check out these beautiful and creative DIY Mother's Day gifts to give Mom a Mother's Day she'll never forget. |

364 days of the year, Mom was the one to serve us breakfast, but Mother’s Day was the one day she got to be on the receiving end, so Mother’s Day always started with us bringing her breakfast in bed. We had a special tray that we would load up with toast, eggs, fruit, and maybe even a special pastry or treat. Sometimes we would get really fancy and add a small vase with fresh flowers from the garden, and then we’d carefully bring the tray to her bed for her to enjoy.

While she was eating her special breakfast, we’d give her our cards and gifts. In our younger days, our cards were typically folded pieces of construction paper with half the words misspelled and some sort of drawing that nobody could tell exactly what it was. Our gifts were often equally as fancy, usually something handmade that was held together with globs of glue and tape. And she would be so gracious and act like we had just handed her the moon.

And I have to tell you, those crudely fashioned, not-quite-sure-what-it-was-supposed-to-be DIY Mother’s Day gifts were the ones that my mom kept for years and years. Not the gifts from a store (though she was always thankful no matter what we got her), but it was the handmade gifts that came from the heart.

Because of course it wasn’t the actual gift that she treasured, it was the fact that her kids took the time to sit down and create something especially for her. And trust me, that doesn’t change over the years. Moms love to receive handmade gifts even after their kids are long grown and gone. In fact, those DIY gifts often become even more special when you can’t be there in person to show your mom how much you love her.

So even though we’ve evolved beyond the handwritten card made from construction paper doesn’t mean we can’t make something for mom for Mother’s Day. In fact, handmade gifts are really the best kind of gifts. The beauty of making your own DIY Mother’s Day gifts means you can completely customize and personalize the gift especially for your mom!

15 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Treasure for Years

1. I just love this DIY pallet map. You can customize it and put hearts everywhere mom has loved ones. It’s such a wonderful way for her to keep her family close by no matter how far they roam!
Craftaholics Anonymous DIY Pallet Wood Map

Pallet Map with Hearts by Craftaholics Anonymous


2. These tea towels are super simple to make and so cute. You can even customize them for mom with her favorite colors or by using a stamp with her favorite flower or animal. I might even have to make some for myself, while I’m at it. ;)

One Krieger Chick- Polka Dot Tea Towels
Polka Dot Tea Towels by One Krieger Chick


3. If mom’s a jewelry lover, she’ll just love these gorgeous painted wooden bangles. Paint them with a color that matches her wardrobe for a gift she’ll wear for years to come!
Happiness is Homemade- Painted Wood Bracelets

Stenciled Wood Bangles by Happiness is Homemade


4. This adorable framed photo takes very little time or DIY know-how. Just print and frame your family photographs for a wonderfully personalized gift mom will always treasure!
Crafts by Amanda- We Love You Photo Frame

We Love You Photo Frame by Crafts by Amanda


5. Create a personalized mug for mom, and she’ll be sure to think of you every time she enjoys her morning brew!

Little Girl Designs- Porcelain painted mug
Porcelain Painted Mug by Little Girl Designs


6. These lavender scented sachets are the perfect gift for mom if she loves to keep her clothes and linens smelling fresh, which is pretty much every mom I know!

Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry- DIY Lavender Sachets
Lavender Sachets by Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry


7. This framed monogram is a beautiful way for mom to add a bit of personalization to her home! Customize it with her favorite colors and patterns for a really unique gift!

Trying to decide what to give Mom for Mother's Day? There's nothing more special than a handmade gift! Check out these beautiful and creative DIY Mother's Day gifts to give Mom a Mother's Day she'll never forget. |
Framed Monogram by Decor by the Seashore


8. What mom wouldn’t love to receive this gorgeous lace knit infinity scarf? Make it special by adding her favorite fabric pattern and she’ll think of you every time she wears it! This is another project I think I’d need to make an extra one or two! ;)

It's Always Autumn- lace knit infinity scarf
Lace Knit Infinity Scarf by It’s Always Autumn


9. These seashell earrings are so lovely! You can even personalize them with seashells you’ve collected on a special trip with mom, and she’ll never want to take them off!

Pink When- Seashell Earrings
Seashell Earrings by Pink When


10. What mom doesn’t love a beautiful plant and pot? You can add one of her favorite flowers and your own personal message to the pot for a really special gift she’ll treasure for years.

The Inspired Hive- DIY Painted Planter PotPainted Planter Pot by The Inspired Hive


11. The coffee loving mom will definitely appreciate her own coffee cozy made especially with her in mind!

Practically Functional- DIY Coffee Cozy
Felt Coffee Cozy by Practically Functional


12. A jewelry organizer is not only a gorgeous gift but also really practical for the jewelry loving mom!

Landeelu- DIY Jewelry OrganizerJewelry Organizer by Landeelu


13. Turn some ordinary vases into beautiful pieces mom will be proud to display! Just a little tape and paint and you can completely customize your own pattern and design!

It All Started With Paint- repurpose thrift store vasesPainted Thrift Store Vases by It All Started with Paint


14. These beautiful coasters are so simple to make, but they make such a big statement!

Delineate Your Dwelling- Striped Coasters
Colorful Striped Coasters by Delineate Your Dwelling


15. A monogrammed memo board with mom’s favorite fabric pattern is sure to be appreciated! It makes such a beautiful decoration that mom will get lots of use out of!

Polka Dot Chair- DIY Monogrammed memo boardMonogrammed Memo Board by Polka Dot Chair


Years ago, when I was in college, I was talking to one of my roommates about my favorite childhood book. This was a book that I always asked my mom to read to me over and over and over again. (I’m sure those of you with kids can relate!) The book was called Santa Mouse, and never mind that it was a Christmas book, we would read that book no matter what time of year it was!

But my roommate had never heard of Santa Mouse. I couldn’t imagine growing up without knowing who Santa Mouse was, so when I called my mom to vouch for my beloved Santa Mouse, not only did she vividly remember the book, but right then and there, on the spot, she repeated the entire book from memory over 20 years later.

There really aren’t enough ways to say thank you, but Mother’s Day is one small day we get to try to thank these women who gave life to us, raised us, and loved us unconditionally. Thanks, Mom, for everything.