Framed monograms are so easy to make and are perfect for displaying in your home or giving as a gift. They also are a creative way to use a frame that doesn’t have the glass anymore. I actually turned a craft fail into a craft win with this project. The glass in a frame I was painting was a hair too large, and I chipped it slightly when I removed it from the frame.

Framed monograms are perfect for displaying in your home or giving as a gift. Follow this simple framed monogram tutorial to create your own! |

I knew I would have trouble getting it back in, and even though I was so careful, the glass ended up cracking. So I decided to buy a new frame and turn it into a framed monogram so that I could use the glass in my painted frame. Win win! Now onto the good stuff!

Materials Needed to Create Framed Monogram

Framed Monogram Supplies- Decor by the Seashore

  • Frame
  • Wooden Monogram Letter
  • Ribbon/Twine
  • Glue
  • Paint & Paint Brush

Steps to Create Framed Monogram

1. Paint your wooden monogram letter with the paint you selected and let it dry. I used two coats of paint.

Framed Monogram Painting- Decor by the Seashore

2. If you haven’t already, remove the glass and back from your frame. Fold back the little tabs that hold the back onto the frame.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon/twine that is long enough to tie around the top of the frame and glue to the back of your wooden monogram letter (about a foot and a half or so). Tie the ribbon around the top of the frame, making sure to thread it under the hanging hardware on the back of the frame. (My ribbon was very wide so I ended up folding it in half.) Cut off any excess ribbon.

Framed Monogram Ribbon- Decor by the Seashore

4. Glue the ribbon to the back of your monogram letter and let it dry.

Framed Monogram Glued- Decor by the Seashore

I made this framed monogram for my sister-in-law as a wedding gift. She is going for a more rustic feel in her home, so I didn’t add too much frilliness to it and went with basic colors. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the paint is a metallic brown that picks up the light nicely and the ribbon has shiny gold threads running through it, so basic but beautiful!

Framed Monogram Finished- Decor by the Seashore

You are more than welcome to add all kinds of accessories to your own. I have seen people add bows and flowers to the letters to give them more pizzazz. Get creative, the options are endless!

Here is another example of a framed monogram I made, but instead of painting it, I used scrapbook paper and mod podge.

Framed Monogram Scrapbook Finished- Decor by the Seashore

Feel free to share pictures of your framed monogram creations. These are so easy to personalize and make the perfect gift or decoration for your own home!