As much as living in a smaller home has its advantages, like taking less time to clean, it also has its disadvantages, like the fact that we don’t have a linen closet. As we’ve settled into our home, we’ve been working on ways to add hidden storage around the house to make up for the lack of closet space.

I’ve found one of the best spaces to store things in a small home is under the bed! Did this just bring you back to when you were a kid and you would just throw everything under the bed when your mom told you to clean your room? No? Just me? Well, as it turns out, storing things under the bed is a very viable option when you’re low on storage space! See, kids know what they’re doing after all. 😉

When you think about the amount of square feet a bed takes up in a room, it really adds up to a good amount of space that you could be putting to good use. The key to under the bed storage is to keep it organized and not just shove everything under there in an unorganized jumble.

I found these ideas for storing things under the bed quite inspiring. I hope they give you some ideas for your own home and help you create a fabulous under the bed storage system that helps you to stay organized and gives you a little more space!

Creative Ways to Add Storage Under the Bed

1. A fantastic option for under the bed storage is to put wheels on a plastic container for easy access to things stored under the bed, like the girls from Pins and Procrastination did. This makes it so easy to just roll the containers out from under the bed when you need to get something! If your bed is too low, consider just using the plastic containers without the wheels. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have plastic bins like these in abundance.

DIY Plastic Under Bed Drawer- Pins and Procrastination

2. If you love building wood crafts, these DIY rolling storage drawers from The Idea Room are the perfect project. They look so chic and beautiful, plus they’re completely functional with all the extra storage they add under the bed!

DIY Wooden Rolling Storage Drawers- The Idea Room

3. If you love the idea of rolling drawers but don’t want to build your own from scratch, consider upcycling some from an old dresser. A little bit of paint and a new set of wheels and you have a beautiful under the bed storage option, like these beautiful drawers from The Bold Abode.

Under Bed Storage Drawers-The Bold Abode

4. I love the idea of adding a bed frame to a bookshelf (or two) like Love Bug Living. Ikea sells shelves like these, and there are so many creative ways you can use them around the house, but I especially love the idea of turning them into a bed frame. Function plus storage is a big win-win in my book! These are especially perfect for kids’ rooms that tend to be on the smaller side and in need of extra space for essentials… like toys. 😉

Platform Bed on Shelves- Love Bug Living 

5. If you don’t feel like making your own storage, I really love these bags for storing extra bedding, blankets, and seasonal clothes under the bed. They slide easily in and out from underneath the bed, and they keep everything nice and clean until you need to use it. Plus the fabric is breathable, which means you don’t need to worry about stale, smelly linens when you take them out. These are also perfect if your bed is too low to the ground to fit drawers!

Don't let that space under the bed go to waste! Check out these creative ways to add under the bed storage to your home! You wouldn't believe how much more space you have once you start storing things under the bed! This is so helpful for small home living! |

Before you decide on an under the bed storage system, make sure to measure the space under your bed first! If your bed is too low to the ground to fit a drawer with wheels, consider foregoing the wheels and just using a plain drawer or bin. If you have carpet or a rug under your bed, you should still be able to slide bins or drawers. If you have hardwood floors, I suggest adding some furniture pads to the bottom of the drawers to protect your floors and allow for easy sliding of the unit.

So, have I inspired you to return to your childhood ways of stashing things under the bed? Or did you already beat me to it? What kind of system do you use to keep your under the bed storage organized? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter full of DIY projects and tips for the home below!