These are the things I use almost daily to simplify my home. I spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time doing what really matters, thanks to these essentials! These items have made my life infinitely easier, and there’s a good chance you’ll find something to help you, too.

The links below contain affiliate links to the same items we have bought that we love and use regularly. For more information, see my disclosure.


Amazon Echo

Meet Alexa, my “personal assistant.” She makes lists (grocery, to do, etc.), sets timers, plays music, tells me the weather and traffic, and makes phone calls, all with my voice (no hands required)! VERY helpful when your hands are occupied by a toddler!


Robot Vacuum

The love of my life. (Kidding, sort of.) I could sing his praises for days! With the press of a button he vacuums my entire house and I don’t have to lift a finger. (We have named him, and he’s part of the family. He’s THAT essential!) You’d NEVER guess we have two extremely furry dogs and a toddler who throws food all over the floor. A true lifesaver, especially for busy moms!


Hardwood Floor Mop

We have hardwood floors throughout our home, and this mop makes cleaning them SO easy! It takes all of 15 minutes for me to mop the entire first floor of our home. It’s also super simple to spot clean messes (and let me tell you, we have a lot of them)! The reusable pad is machine washable, and you can get a huge bottle of cleaner and just refill the cartridge. Too easy!


Instant Pot

This magical pot is the only way I get dinner on the table most nights. Frozen solid chicken cooked to perfection in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please! I can throw all the ingredients into this magic pot and get other things done while it cooks.


Paper Shredder

Thanks to my shredder, I have cut down on paper clutter in my home significantly! I was able to safely get rid of YEARS worth of bank statements, utility bills, and a ton of other paperwork with personal information. It’s also perfect for tackling mail clutter… all those credit card offers and other paperwork with personal information that comes in the mail goes right in the shredder.



This is the second tool I use to keep my home free from paper clutter. Any papers that I want to keep get scanned into the computer. Then I’m free to shred the paper and I don’t have to deal with paper piles that I might need “someday.” Plus, it saves me space since it pulls double duty as a printer!


Amazon Prime

Of all the benefits that come with being an Amazon Prime member, by far the one I use the most often is free two-day shipping. If there’s something I need, it takes two minutes to order and it’s delivered two days later (sometimes faster)!

I don’t have to wrangle my toddler into the car, drive to the store, spend half an hour trying to find what I’m looking for, wait in line to check out, and drive home all while keeping a toddler entertained. That ALONE justifies the cost! (Not to mention it includes photo storage, music, videos, etc.)


Amazon Fresh

I desperately want to sign up for Amazon Fresh, but it isn’t available where we live. If it was, I would sign up in a heartbeat! Unlimited grocery delivery for $15 a month? DEAL!

It’s my dream to never have to step foot in a grocery store again. Plus, I’d actually SAVE more than $15 a month by not going to the store and making impulse purchases! I am eagerly waiting for them to make this available where we live. (Hurry up, Amazon!)