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DIY Ombre Canvas Quote Tutorial

I just love this quote, and the ombre effect turned out amazing! Such an easy and detailed tutorial for making your own DIY ombre canvas quote! |

I’m in the middle of creating a wonderfully creative work space. Part of that project involves jazzing up my bulletin board (because who wants to look at a boring bulletin board all day?), and the other part includes creating a motivational quote or two for the wall. Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote? When I was first […]

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10 Ways to Control Your Spending at the Craft Store

The second I step foot into a craft store, I just want to buy everything! These tips are perfect for helping me save money and control my spending at the craft store! |

Is there anything more fun than going to the craft store? It seems every time I step through those magical doors, I just want to buy all the things! There are so many gorgeous colors and fun toys to be had! And it’s so hard to resist the urge to control your spending when there […]

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10 Meaningful DIY Graduation Gifts for Seniors

These DIY graduation gifts are PERFECT for the grad who's leaving home! Such great, sentimental gift ideas for graduating seniors! |

Seniors who are getting ready to graduate and leave home will absolutely love each and every one of these DIY graduation gifts. Whether your senior is heading off to college or going out on their own, these gift ideas are perfect! Read through the list and choose your favorite DIY gift so you can create a really meaningful present your graduate will treasure […]

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DIY Paw Print Wall Art

How cute is this DIY paw print wall art? What an adorable memento for their little paw prints. I so need to do this with my dogs! |

I don’t know about you, but I think the phrase that refers to dogs as “man’s best friend” is completely true. My dogs know things that I’ve never told a single soul. They’ve been there for some of my hardest moments, and though they might not really understand what exactly is going on, they know when […]

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Should you DIY or buy your next project?

I usually always choose to DIY, but this list really got me thinking! It has some really great tips for helping you decide whether to DIY or buy! |

To DIY or buy, that is the question. It seems so easy to get sucked into one way of thinking. Some people never DIY a thing in their lives, while others will only DIY. It’s so easy to get caught up in our habits and routines that we sometimes forget to even take into account whether […]

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