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How to Clean Seashells the Right Way

Do you know how to clean seashells the RIGHT way? Yes, there is a right way to clean seashells! This little trick is perfect for getting rid of the gunk and getting those seashells ready for crafting and displaying around the home! I just can't get enough of that beautiful seashell decor! |

Living so close to the beach, there is one thing our home never lacks for, and that is seashells! It seems like every time we go to the beach, we end up bringing a pocketful of shells back home. Apparently all that time collecting seashells has paid off though, because not only do I have an abundance of […]

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How to Create When You Don’t Feel Creative

I feel like I've just hit a creative roadblock lately, but these tips have definitely given me a creative jump start! Just what I needed to get to work on my DIY projects and create even when I'm not feeling creative! |

Have you ever had one of those times that you’re on a deadline but just can’t muster up the motivation to complete a project? Maybe you’re just not feeling creative and you can’t get started. Or you’ve already started but just can’t bring yourself to finish the project. That’s perfectly normal! Whether you’re a seasoned crafter […]

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