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DIY Winter Burlap Wreath Tutorial

How beautiful is this DIY winter burlap wreath? I can't get enough of those little birds! Best of all, it's an interchangeable wreath, so you can change it for every holiday and season! |

So I have to say, usually I look forward to changing my wreath out and coming up with one for the next holiday and season. But this time, I really was not looking forward to it, because it’s winter, and if there’s one thing I dread more than anything here in New England, it’s winter! […]

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DIY Glitter Glass Jars without the Glitter Mess

I just love DIY glitter glass jars, but really hate the glitter mess! This is the perfect way to get the glitter look without mess! I can't believe I never thought of this before! So easy, and they make the perfect budget-friendly party centerpieces! |

I just love how quick and easy it is to turn a glass jar into something pretty and useful. One of my favorite ways to spruce up an old jar is to transform it with a little paint and glitter. I absolutely love the look of glitter glass jars! The only thing I don’t love about them […]

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How to Maximize Holiday Decor and Minimize Holiday Storage

Take control of your holiday storage! Follow these easy steps to cut down on your holiday storage and still have plenty of holiday decorations to display! I know I could use the extra space! |

This time of year, you’ll be hard pressed to find a home that doesn’t have tons of holiday decorations on display. And rightly so! Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays, and it’s a fabulous excuse to totally deck your house out. But what happens when the holidays are over, and it’s time […]

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DIY Christmas Burlap Wreath Tutorial

This easy DIY Christmas burlap wreath will make your home look fabulous in time for Christmas! The best part is it's interchangeable, so you can change it for every holiday and season! |

One of my favorite things about Christmas (besides the cookies, of course) is the decorations. I thoroughly enjoy the pictures people post of their homes, I LOVE to take drives around town to see everyone’s houses all lit up, and of course I am SO excited to decorate my own house for Christmas! This time last year we had just […]

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Free Elf Printables

It's not Christmas without some fabulous Christmas printables featuring Buddy the Elf! Get your free Elf printables here! |

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting to watch Christmas movies! Some of my favorite movies of all time are Christmas movies, so having an excuse to watch them all 10 times in the span of one month is just fabulous! And the fact that it’s cold and dreary outside just adds to my desire to do […]

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DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree Tutorial

Create this gorgeous DIY wine cork Christmas tree for your home with this quick and easy tutorial! It will make a fabulous addition to your Christmas decor and a great gift for friends and family! |

So, you know you’re a wine cork craft addict when you send your husband to the store for wine and tell him to only buy wine bottles that have real corks. Priorities… we have them! I mean not only do I love to craft with wine corks, but I am all about coming up with great excuses […]

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