For nine months we prepared for this. We read the books, we put together the furniture, we arranged the nursery, we went to the classes, and we listened to tons of unsolicited advice. But I must say, as prepared as we thought we were, nothing can actually prepare you for parenthood… except actually just being a parent.

It’s kind of like being tossed in a river without a life jacket and just hoping you can make it to the other side. Some days the sun is shining, the water is clear, and you can just float on by. Other days there are rapids, thunderstorms, and ravenous wildlife to contend with. But through it all, one thing is for certain– it’s totally 100% worth it.

I went into labor on my due date, which shouldn’t be surprising considering how organized I usually am. However, on this day, despite the fact that it was my due date, I had a to-do list a mile long that included everything except having a baby. Needless to say, our baby girl decided it was time to make her grand entrance, and we’ve been wrapped around her little fingers ever since.

Not a day goes by that we don’t marvel at how lucky we are that this little girl is ours to love and nurture. Even on the days that nothing seems to go right and we’re functioning on next to no sleep, our baby girl flashes a huge, toothless smile that fills up her entire face, and all of the frustration and stress just melt away.

The years go by fast, and I plan on savoring every moment of this time with my arms filled with a sweet baby. The time will come all too quickly where she won’t want to be held and will grow too big to hold my hand or cry for her mama. So I am soaking up every second with this sweet babe I can get!

Of course the fact that it’s taken me three months to write this post should give you an idea of how little free time I’ve had recently. 😉 So if you’ve been wondering about the lack of new posts, e-mail newsletters, and responses, it’s probably because we’re taking some time to adjust to the new normal in our home.

I’m going to spend the summer doing some behind-the-scenes work on the website while the baby and I get into a routine, and I plan to start posting new articles again on a regular basis in the fall. I’ll still be sending out my weekly newsletter this summer, so you can sign up for that below to receive my DIY, decorating, and organizing tips and tricks to your inbox every week!

I want to thank you for being so understanding during my absence. If there are any particular new posts you’d like to see in the future, feel free to let me know in the comments. I look forward to continuing to help you DIY, decorate, and organize your way to a beautiful home!