Hello friends, and welcome to the third and final post in my craft stash organization series. I hope you’ve been following along and learning some helpful tips and tricks for organizing your own craft stash.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the first two posts in the series to learn how to declutter your craft stash and choose the perfect organizer for your craft supplies!

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Part 2: How to Choose the Perfect Organizer for Your Craft SuppliesCreative Ways to Organize Your Craft Supplies

I saved the best part of the series for last. Today, I’m going to show you how to arrange and organize your craft supplies in your craft space. By the time you’ve completed this series, you should have a beautifully organized, Pinterest-worthy craft stash that crafters everywhere will envy. Let’s get started organizing!

How to Organize Your Craft Supplies and Make Your Craft Stash a Show-Stopper

1. Color Your World

Ever see those craft rooms that look like a rainbow of colors and give you serious craft room envy? Their secret is knowing how to work with colors! (And some of them are literally arranged according to the colors of the rainbow!)

Have some fun and show off those colorful craft supplies! You can organize your craft supplies by color, or get a little crazy and mix and match. No matter what way you choose to go, make sure the colors complement each other.

And before you decide to ROYGBIV it up, make sure you have enough colors to make it noticeable! Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous has beautifully arranged her craft supplies by color, and the result is stunning!

Craft Supply Organization by Craftaholics Anonymous

2. Feel the Texture

Want to turn your craft stash into eye candy? Think texture! Craft supplies have such a myriad of different textures, so play up those features when you’re organizing your supplies. You might find it fun to group similar textures together, or mix and match them. 

For example, if you’re organizing your fabric, you might have separate groups for cotton, flannel, fleece, burlap, etc. Or you might decide that you like the look better when they’re all together. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best for you and your space!

3. Size Matters

To get the super organized look you see in magazines, keep similarly sized items together. For example, group together all of those little 2 oz. bottles of paint, make sure all of your fabric is folded to the same dimensions, and keep like-sized ribbon spools together. This will not only make your craft supplies look good, but you’ll have an easier time fitting them together in a bin or container.

Organizing your craft supplies doesn't have to be hard! These easy steps show you exactly how to organize your craft stash and make it look beautiful and magazine worthy! | decorbytheseashore.com

4. Keep Like Supplies Together 

This is one of the most important parts of organizing craft supplies! It’s so helpful to store your sewing supplies in one spot, paints and brushes in another, paper and scissors together, etc. Not only does this make it easier to find what you’re looking for, but it also makes it really easy to see everything you have all at once and put it away.

Plus it gives your craft stash that nice, organized look that you see online and in magazines. Check out the tips below for ideas on organizing different types of craft supplies!

5. Keep it Organized

Now I’m going to let you in on the number one secret to making your own craft stash look like something out of a magazine. Are you ready? It’s really so simple, but completely necessary. Ok, the secret is organization!

In order for your craft stash to look spectacular and be in tip top shape, you have to keep it organized! You can have the best shelving in the world and the most amazing array of craft supplies in the country, but none of that will matter if it’s not organized. Do yourself a favor and keep those craft supplies organized so that all of your hard work won’t be for nothing!

Organizing Fabric

Fabric is the craft supply that takes up the majority of my space. There’s just so much of it! Luckily, fabric is one of those craft items that looks beautiful no matter where you store it… on shelves, in a drawer, or in a box or container. The key to making fabric storage look good is to fold it neatly so it’s all the same size. This fabulous tutorial shows you how to fold your fabric so that it will fit perfectly on your shelves.

Another great way to keep fabric organized is to wrap it around a piece of cardboard, like they do in the store. You can recycle some old cardboard boxes for this or use magazine backing board like the girls from So Sew Easy.

Organized and Folded Fabric- So Sew Easy

If you have scraps of fabric that are too small to stand alone or put on a bolt, fold them and put them in a box, bin, or container. You might want to consider arranging your fabric by color, texture, pattern, etc. so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Plus, it will give your fabric collection a really cohesive look!

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Storing Fabric in a Filing Cabinet

Organizing Paint

If you’re anything like me, then you probably end up buying a new bottle of paint for every craft project. For some reason, I end up needing a different color for every craft, hence my collection of 654 different colors of paint. Luckily, they’re pretty cheap, and it’s not too hard to organize paints.

The way to make your paint supplies look great is to organize the bottles by color and size. You can store your paints in a bin or container, or organize them on shelves, like Trish at Uncommon Designs does with her cube shelf.

Paint Storage Shelf- Uncommon Designs

Store your paints with the bottoms facing out so you can easily see what color is in each bottle. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your craft supplies. It’s always fun to display them in new and unique ways, like Jessica from Mad in Crafts who created her own paint storage from PVC and wire shelves.

Paint Storage Wire Rack- Mad in Crafts

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Dresser Drawer Repurposed into a Paint Shelf

Organizing Paper

I don’t have a huge amount of paper, but I know many scrapbookers do. Sorting paper by color, pattern, and/or holiday is a huge help, as it is so frustrating to end up with a random pile of assorted colors and patterns.

The great thing about paper storage is that there are so many options! You can use almost any office supply filing system or paper tray for your scrapbook paper. You can even find organizers especially made for that 12×12 sized paper. Or you can make your own organizer to get that perfect fit, like Diane from In My Own Style.

Scrapbook Paper Organization- In My Own Style

If you just have a little bit of paper, you could also use an accordion file or small box or bin. For larger paper collections, consider a filing cabinet. There are a ton of different options that are perfect for organizing paper!

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Organizing Tools and Miscellaneous Supplies

There are so many fun and creative ways that you can organize your craft supplies. Use these ideas for all of your remaining craft supplies and miscellaneous things you don’t know what to do with!

  • Put those beautiful shelves to good use and store your craft supplies right out in the open.
  • There are such a huge array of decorative bins and boxes available at almost any store. Or get creative and make your own from a cardboard box! Old cereal boxes can be turned into beautiful magazine holders and drawer dividers.
  • Glass jars are perfect for craft storage, and you can even repurpose your own spaghetti sauce jars! Baby food jars are fantastic for storing smaller craft supplies.
  • Plastic containers make great craft storage, and you can typically find them in any size you need. Clear containers allow you to easily see what’s inside.
  • Baskets make beautiful craft storage and are great for storing craft supplies of any size.

If you’re buying bins or containers for your craft supplies, make sure to measure your shelves or wherever you’ll be placing the bins so that you know they’ll fit. Also, look around the house before going to the store and see what you might repurpose or reuse for craft storage, like Kristyn from Lil’ Luna does with a piece of wood and some glass jars.

Mason Jar Holder- Lil Luna

Don’t forget to think outside the box. Just because something is labeled as storage for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else. I use this “scrapbook” case for my sewing tools and accessories. Do what works for you!

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Labeling Your Craft Supplies

Now, for the pièce de résistance (I’m throwing in French here, so you know we’re about to get super fancy)… labeling! Labeling should be the last thing you do when you organize your craft stash. That way you know for sure that you’re actually going to be storing paints in the box you label “paints” instead of later finding out the box works better for paper.

So organize all of your craft supplies first, and make sure they’re organized how you want them to be. Then, let the labeling fun begin!

If you love chalkboard labels, I recommend this adhesive chalkboard contact paper. I use it for labeling a lot of things around my house. I like it because you can cut it to whatever size you want, and if you decide you want to change what’s in the box, just erase the the label and rewrite it! It’s also a lot cheaper than buying those pre-cut chalkboard labels!

Jen from Pink When has an awesome faux chalkboard label tutorial with printables. These are fake chalkboard labels, so you can’t erase and rewrite them, but they’re still really nice looking, and you only need your printer to make them!

Faux Chalkboard Labels- Pink When

If you have a cutting machine and want to get even fancier, Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts has a great tutorial that shows you how to cut your own labels from vinyl.
Vinyl Craft Labels- Ginger Snap Crafts

If you prefer to make your own labels, you can always use blank sticky labels and either write directly on them or use your printer. I use these Avery shipping labels for labeling stuff around the house.

I like Avery labels because they have a bunch of customizeable options online. Just go to their site, enter your product number, and it gives you a ton of free templates that you can use to make your own beautiful labels.

You can also download and print free craft labels here:
Cute Craft Labels at Tatertots & Jello
Vintage Craft Labels from Lil Blue Boo
Organizing Craft Labels from Anders Ruff
Labels by Color at Craftaholics Anonymous

I thoroughly hope you enjoyed my craft stash organization series and got some great ideas for organizing your own craft stash! You should be on your way to creating your very own gorgeous craft stash! If you’d like even more craft room inspiration, check out my Pinterest board craft rooms and storage! There are so many fabulous craft room ideas!

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If you have any questions or need some advice about organizing your craft supplies, feel free to leave a comment. And if you found this series helpful, I’d be so happy if you shared it with your friends and family!

If you missed the first two posts of the series, don’t forget to check them out! They’re full of information that will help you create a beautifully organized craft stash!

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