How many times have you wanted to work on a special craft project, and something else more pressing gets in the way? Or how many times have you looked at other people’s projects with admiration (ok, and a bit of envy) and thought “I could make that too, if only I had time.”

It's so important to make time for your hobbies! Check out these 10 helpful tips for making time to craft and download the FREE craft planning calendar! |

We’ve all been there, and that’s why I’ve put together some tips to help you make time for yourself and get some crafting done!

I have also created a FREE craft planning calendar for you to download. This calendar is incredibly useful for planning your craft projects and organizing your crafting schedule!


Tips for Making Time to Craft

Making Time to Craft Clock

1. Break projects down into small, manageable steps! If the craft has ten steps, commit to doing one or two steps a day, or a week, or however often you can get it done. Even if you can only do one step a week, you will make progress a little at a time and eventually have your own handmade creation to proudly display or give as a gift!

2. Create a routine! Set aside a specific time for crafting, and get as much done as you can during that time, for example Wednesday evenings from 8-8:30, or the second Tuesday of the month from 5-6 pm, etc. Dedicate however much time you think you can afford, and then stick to your schedule! If something else needs to be done, do it before or after, but try not to let it get in the way of your time!

Making Time to Craft Paints

3. Be ready at the spur of the moment! If you can’t find a dedicated time to do your crafting, it might be easier to do it in bits and pieces when the time becomes available, such as when the baby sleeps or the kids are doing homework. If you even get in ten minutes here and there throughout the week, it can add up! Since I do the majority of my crafting on our kitchen counters, it’s easy enough for me to get some crafting done while I cook.

4. Get your spouse on board! Let your spouse know how important it is to you that you get some time to work on your personal projects. It is healthy for everyone to have some alone time, and this will not only benefit your crafting but also your sanity! Ask your spouse to run the house for a bit, and turn off your phone. This is your time!

5. Get the kids involved! If you don’t have anyone to help with childcare, try to pick out some crafts that you can do with the kids. This can be really fun for you and them! Kids love doing things with their hands, and this is a great learning opportunity for them. If you’d rather not include the kids, give them “quiet activities” to complete while you craft, such as reading or coloring.

Making Time to Craft Colored Pencils

6. Complete crafts you’ve already started before beginning new ones! Do you have half-finished crafts sitting around? Be honest, we all do. Try to finish those crafts before starting new ones. This will help free up some space, give you a sense of accomplishment, and ensure you don’t waste money on supplies for crafts that won’t be finished.

7. Do it for yourself! Crafting should be fun and exciting, not a drag. If you find yourself procrastinating on a project, ask yourself why that is. If there is a project you really don’t like, or you feel your craft time is becoming a chore, don’t do it! Move onto something that will inspire you and that you love to do!

Making Time to Craft Colored Spools

8. Be happy with what you can do! So maybe you don’t have time to finish a new project every week. Do what you can with the time you have, and be proud of your achievements! Not everyone’s house looks like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens (and if they do, I’m sorry, but that’s just not normal). And trust me, behind almost every blogger’s perfectly styled mantle is a pile of dirty laundry and list of unfinished crafts. You’re not alone!

9. Make time for yourself! When it comes right down to it, making time to craft is all about making time for yourself and doing something that you want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, yet it is often pushed to the bottom of the priority list! It is so easy to put it off when more important things come up, so guard your time and make yourself a priority!

10. Download my free craft planning calendar below! Why? Because it’s free, and who doesn’t like free things? Not to mention, it is incredible helpful and a great way to keep track of your craft projects!


Crafting Calendar Free Printable Printed

And don’t just download it… print it out, fill it in, and hang it up somewhere you will see it on a regular basis! That way you’ll be reminded “Oh, I’m supposed to start making my sister’s birthday present this week!”

It has enough room for six months of crafts! But if you don’t like to plan that far in advance, then just fill out one or two months. It’s your calendar, so do what works for you!

I find it is especially helpful for planning for holidays and gift giving. I am a total organization geek, so I used different color ink for my holiday crafts, gifts, and regular crafts. But that’s just me!

Crafting Calendar Free Printable Fridge Display

It’s also a good way to look ahead and see what crafts you’ll be making so you don’t need to make 50 different trips to the craft store for supplies. Although let’s be honest, who really ever gets tired of going to the craft store?

So tell me, do you have any tips to add for finding time to craft? And what projects are you going to create with your new found craft time?