So, I have a little home decorating secret to share with you. Don’t tell anyone, but I have the exact same wreath hanging on my front door all year. How boring, right? Not really! I’ve found with a little creativity and crafting, I’m able to change out the accessories and make it look completely different for every holiday and season. In fact, nobody can even tell it’s the same wreath!

I just love to craft and create, but I’m also somewhat of a minimalist, so I don’t like to have a lot of unnecessary things sitting around or taking up space in storage. (This actually works out well, because we really don’t have the room to store a lot of extra items in our small house anyways!) And even though I love to have a different wreath on my door for every holiday and season, I just don’t have the room or desire to store all of those wreaths.

This is such a genius idea! Make an interchangeable wreath and just use the same wreath form all year long. Just change out the accessories! A totally brilliant way to hang a seasonal wreath on your door without buying and storing a bunch of wreath forms! | decorbytheseashore.comSo I created an interchangeable wreath. Basically, I switch out the accessories on my wreath every month. This allows me to give the wreath a completely different look without spending money on a new wreath form or needing to store wreaths that I won’t even use for another year.

In order to make my wreath interchangeable, I just get a little creative with how I attach things to it. Though it might be easier to just glue everything to it and call it a day, I wouldn’t be able to reuse the wreath form if I did that! So I’ve come up with some pretty crafty ways to attach things to my wreath that I’ll be able to easily remove for the next season. (You can check out some of the recent versions of my interchangeable wreath below.)

One wreath… so many possibilities!

Part of my “crafting philosophy” is to make things that have multiple uses or that can be easily changed out for a different holiday or season, so my interchangeable wreath definitely fits the bill. In fact, this wreath is a seasonal decoration that I can display year-round. That’s a huge win in my book!

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How to Make an Interchangeable Wreath

1. Choose your wreath form.

This might be straw, foam, grapevine, wire, or whatever your imagination desires. There is no right or wrong answer here. Just go with whatever you think would look nice in your home and you won’t mind changing up every now and then. I use a straw wreath.

2. Select some fabric or yarn to wrap your wreath with.

Use a neutral color that will work for any season or holiday. If you have a wreath that looks great without any embellishments, such as a grapevine wreath, you don’t even need to wrap it. I wrapped my straw wreath with a light colored burlap. (If you’re using a straw wreath, leave the plastic wrap on it to make it easier and less messy to work with.)

3. Plan your wreath and gather the holiday accessories you want to put on it.

Do you know what holiday or seasonal accessories you want to put on your wreath? If you already have an idea in mind, great! If you need some help, consider browsing Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. You can pretty much use the same concepts when following an online tutorial, the only difference will be how you attach the items to your wreath.

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4. Select items to attach your accessories with. 

You’ll need to be able to easily attach and detach items from the wreath, so that means you can’t glue things directly to it! What you use will vary depending on what exactly you’re trying to attach to the wreath. For small, lightweight items, I use pins and thread. For larger, heavier items, I use clips, floral wire, and velcro.

5. Attach your items to your wreath.

Now comes the fun part, jazzing your wreath up for whatever holiday or special occasion you desire! The sky’s the limit! Get a little wild and creative to create your own, one-of-a-kind interchangeable wreath that you can proudly display all year round!

The best part about creating your own interchangeable wreath is that you can completely customize it and make it look however you want. Plus you’ll get to have a completely different wreath hanging on your door for every holiday and season, and you won’t even need to spend a ton of money or store a bunch of wreaths to do it!

The small amount of time it takes to make an interchangeable wreath is well worth it in the long run, because you’ll end up saving a lot of time and money. Just to give you an idea, I redo my wreath about once a month, and it usually takes 10-20 minutes to change out the accessories.

As my husband once said when I gave him grief over not recognizing the “new” wreath hanging on our front door, “It’s the same wreath, it’s just wearing different clothes!” Touche, but I suppose he had a point!

If you’re considering making your own interchangeable wreath, let me know in the comments. I’m happy to answer any questions or help you brainstorm ideas for your wreath! If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with friends and family. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below to get my latest craft and home tips delivered right to your inbox!