If there’s one guilty pleasure I can’t get enough of, it’s browsing through Pottery Barn’s latest catalog or the online store. Never mind the fact that a lot of the things in there cost almost as much as a mortgage payment. It’s still fun to gather inspiration and dream about decking my home full of Pottery Barn when we win the lottery.

Of course, I’m not patient enough to wait nearly that long, and let’s face it, there are SO many other fun things to spend lottery winnings on, right? ;) So that’s where I turn to my inner DIYer and say, wait a minute, we can easily make some of these things for a fraction of the cost! After all, having a beautiful home shouldn’t cost more than the home itself!

These gorgeous DIY Pottery Barn knock-offs are the perfect addition to your home! Make your own DIY home decor for a fraction of the cost with these easy, budget-friendly knock-off projects! | decorbytheseashore.com

If you’re also a Pottery Barn lover on a tight budget, there is hope for us yet! I’ve gathered some of the most beautiful Pottery Barn knock-offs right here for you to try. They’re all pretty simple and include full tutorials so you can easily follow the directions and make them yourself!

Gorgeous DIY Pottery Barn Knock-Offs

Hymns and Verses- DIY Flag Wall Art

DIY Flag Wall Art by Hymns and Verses


The Shabby Creek Cottage- Love Letter Lamp Tutorial

Love Letter Lamp by The Shabby Creek Cottage


Duke Manor Farm- Numbered Buckets

DIY Numbered Buckets by Duke Manor Farm


Addicted 2 DIY- Distressed Wood Shelf

Distressed Wood Shelf by Addicted 2 DIY


Setting for Four- Book Page Scrolls

Book Page Scrolls by Setting for Four


Ella Claire Inspired- Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner by Ella Claire Inspired


Setting for Four- Faux Coral

Faux Coral by Setting for Four


The Home I Create- DIY Pinboard

DIY Pinboard by The Home I Create


Addicted 2 DIY- Star Wreath

Star Wreath by Addicted 2 DIY


AKA Design- Painted Number Canvas

Painted Number Canvas by AKA Design


Postcards from the Ridge- Affordable DIY Artwork

Affordable DIY Artwork by Postcards from the Ridge


The Country Chic Cottage- Candles and Holders

Candles and Holders by The Country Chic Cottage


My Repurposed Life- Large Rustic Clock

Large Rustic Clock by My Repurposed Life


Addicted 2 DIY- Seashell Wreath

Seashell Wreath by Addicted 2 DIY


The Shabby Creek Cottage- Crooked Frame Display

Crooked Frame Display by The Shabby Creek Cottage


The Country Chic Cottage- Chalkboard Tins

Chalkboard Tins by The Country Chic Cottage

So what do you say, are you ready to give your home a budget-friendly Pottery Barn makeover? Not only will these seriously up your home decor game, but you’ll be able to tell everyone you made them yourself. I mean how many people do you know who make their own home decor?

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be trying out any of these Pottery Barn knock-offs for yourself. There are just so many good ones, it’s hard to choose! And if you enjoyed this post, you’ll love my newsletter. Sign up below for weekly craft, DIY, and home projects and tips!