Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? There are three turkeys that live down the street from us, and it seems to me like they have uncanny knowledge about what happens in November, because they always seem to disappear this time of year. I can’t blame them though, if I had to choose between holiday madness and hiding from the world for a few weeks, it’s not hard to decide which one I’d go for!

This time of year there’s so much going on that it can seem impossible to get everything done before the guests arrive and the turkey needs to go in the oven. And that is why I LOVE free printables! They make decorating too easy! Just download the file, print it out, and hang it up. So simple! (And nobody will be able to tell that you did it five minutes before the guests arrived!)

Fabulous, Funny, & Free Thanksgiving Printables! A free and easy way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. |

I’ve made three Thanksgiving printables for you to use to decorate your home. Now let me prepare you, as these are just all around fabulous, and you won’t be able to find printables like these just anywhere on the internet! And the best part is, you don’t have to choose just one, you can use them all! It’s like going on a shopping spree and getting to take everything home for free!

I used a white background for all of the printables because I LOVE free printables but boy do I hate when the backgrounds are colored because it DESTROYS my ink cartridge! So this way you can choose to stick with the white background or mix it up with some colored or patterned paper. They are all sized for an 8×10 frame.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I have also included a few links to even more Thanksgiving printables at the bottom, just in case you need them. I mean, I can never get enough free printables, can you? Click below to download your free Thanksgiving printables!

Free Thanksgiving Printables

"Eat, drink, and wear stretchy pants" FREE Thanksgiving printable- Funny and true! A free and easy way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. |

You know, only one of the most important staples of Thanksgiving dinner… turkey, pie, and stretchy pants! If you forget those stretchy pants, you’ll regret it later!

"I'm Just Here for the Pie" Free Thanksgiving Printable- Funny and true! A free and easy way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. |

Because let’s face it, pie is only the most important part of the whole deal. We’re not even gonna talk about the time that my mom and I had wine and pie BEFORE Christmas dinner. Self control is so overrated around the holidays!

"Give Thanks" Free Thanksgiving Printable- A free and easy way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. |

I figured I’d tone it down a little and create a more “classic” Thanksgiving printable with this one. It’s simple and lovely and beautiful, what more could you want?

Even More Free Thanksgiving Printables!

Just in case your thirst for free Thanksgiving printables is not yet quenched (though, let’s face it, these are some pretty fabulous printables I cooked up), I have also included a few links to even more free Thanksgiving printables. Can anyone say Thanksgiving printable overload?

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If this doesn’t give you your Thanksgiving printable fix, I don’t know what will! You can also follow me on social media, as I am always posting free printables and DIY crafts! Let me know what printables you chose to use for your decor in the comments!