Seniors who are getting ready to graduate and leave home will absolutely love each and every one of these DIY graduation gifts. Whether your senior is heading off to college or going out on their own, these gift ideas are perfect! Read through the list and choose your favorite DIY gift so you can create a really meaningful present your graduate will treasure forever!

Graduation is such a special occasion filled with a lot of promise and excitement, but if we’re being honest, it’s also kind of scary, especially for the senior who’s leaving home for the first time. It’s the end of one way of life and the beginning of another, and there are a lot of emotional hellos and goodbyes and firsts and lasts. And whether the transition is from one school to another or from school to the real world, it’s a big step that’s filled with almost every emotion imaginable.

I love to give DIY gifts for almost every occasion because they’re just so personal and unique, but I think graduation is one of those times when a handmade gift can make an even bigger impact. DIY graduation gifts are so so special because graduates can take them with them wherever they’re going (whether it’s off to college or moving out on their own). And at a time when they’re facing new things and unfamiliar territory, they can be surrounded by those handmade touches from the people who love them to reassure them and make them feel not quite so alone. And there really isn’t a more special or valuable gift you can give than that!These DIY graduation gifts are PERFECT for the grad who's leaving home! Such great, sentimental gift ideas for graduating seniors! |

When I graduated high school and went off to college, my mom made me a t-shirt quilt from all the t-shirts I’d had since I was a child. She used t-shirts of places we’d lived and visited, summer camps, sports teams, school plays, and even one from when I was really small that announced to the world that I was going to be a big sister!

That quilt not only kept me warm, but it helped me to keep my family and home close at heart even though we were apart for the first time ever. Though we were separated by miles, I still felt close to them and thought of them every time I used my quilt (which was quite often, as I am always cold!). And I still have that quilt and use it all the time. It is a keepsake I will always treasure!

And that’s really the beauty and power of DIY gifts. You can make them so personal and meaningful that they’ll be used and appreciated for years to come. DIY gifts are so much more special than anything you’ll find in a store or catalog, and there’s really no reason not to try your hand at creating your own DIY graduation gifts!

10 Meaningful DIY Graduation Gifts for Seniors

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1. So, if you can’t tell, the t-shirt quilt is really a favorite DIY graduation gift of mine! You can use t-shirts from special places and events to make the quilt really special and something the recipient will really love. (This is also the perfect use for those ratty old t-shirts that are too beloved to throw away!)

DIY T-shirt Quilt- The Country Chic CottageT-Shirt Quilt by The Country Chic Cottage


2. I just love Dr. Seuss, and this quote with the world map is perfect for the grad who’s going out on their own for the first time. Plus you can even personalize it and add their name and graduation details for a really unique gift!

Oh the Places You'll Go Frame- I Heart PlannersFramed Dr. Seuss Quote by I Heart Planners


3. One of the hardest parts of graduating and leaving home is missing those furry companions! These adorable Instagram photo frames are perfect for grads to bring with them and display at their new place. You can also create these using family photos for a really special DIY graduation gift!

DIY Instagram Photo Frames- Dream a Little Bigger
Instagram Photo Frames by Dream a Little Bigger


4. Sharpie mugs are so easy to make, and you can completely customize them with whatever quote or personal message you want. They’re perfect for the graduate who enjoys a morning brew to jump start their day.

DIY Sharpie Mugs- The Thrifty Couple
DIY Sharpie Mug by The Thrifty Couple


5. Create a wooden plaque with your grad’s favorite quote. This is a fabulous gift that the recipient can use to decorate their new home and see everyday as a motivational reminder.

DIY Wooden Quote Block- Sawdust to SequinsWooden Quote Sign by Sawdust to Sequins


6. A personalized pillow is so pretty and will add a nice, colorful touch to an empty dorm room or bare apartment. Make it even more special by using the graduate’s favorite colors and patterns for a really unique gift!

DIY Personalized Pillow- The Sewing LoftPersonalized Pillow by The Sewing Loft


7. This is an adorable gift that you can personalize with a fun design, quote, or monogram. It’s perfect for the graduate to tote their books and pens from class to class at their new school or for the young professional to bring things back and forth to the new job.

Monogram Stenciled Bag- Tidy Mom
Monogram Stenciled Canvas Bag by Tidy Mom


8. Graduates who are leaving home could definitely use some basic kitchenware, and what’s better than glasses etched with their initials? Not only will the graduate get lots of use out of them, but they’ll think of you every time they use them!

DIY Etched Glasses- Happy Happy NesterEtched Glasses by Happy Happy Nester


9. Transfer a family photo onto canvas for a one-of-a-kind gift that the graduate can hang in their new home. This is a great way for your graduate to keep their family close at heart even when they’re far away!

DIY Wrapped Photo Canvas- Lovely Etc.
Photo Canvas by Lovely Etc.


10. Does your graduate know how to make their favorite recipes? Create a recipe book and fill it with delicious recipes they love so they can enjoy a comforting, home cooked family meal even when they’re miles from home!

DIY Recipe Book- The Girl Creative
Recipe Book by The Girl Creative


DIY graduation gifts are such a great way to show your grad how much you care. They don’t need to be overly fancy or elaborate. It really is the thought that counts, and often times the simplest gifts have the most meaning and greatest impact. By creating a DIY graduation gift for your graduate, you’re not just giving a gift. You’re giving a special keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

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