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DIY Ombre Canvas Quote Tutorial

I just love this quote, and the ombre effect turned out amazing! Such an easy and detailed tutorial for making your own DIY ombre canvas quote! |

I’m in the middle of creating a wonderfully creative work space. Part of that project involves jazzing up my bulletin board (because who wants to look at a boring bulletin board all day?), and the other part includes creating a motivational quote or two for the wall. Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote? When I was first […]

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DIY Paw Print Wall Art

How cute is this DIY paw print wall art? What an adorable memento for their little paw prints. I so need to do this with my dogs! |

I don’t know about you, but I think the phrase that refers to dogs as “man’s best friend” is completely true. My dogs know things that I’ve never told a single soul. They’ve been there for some of my hardest moments, and though they might not really understand what exactly is going on, they know when […]

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DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

Add some spice to that old bulletin board with this easy DIY fabric-covered bulletin board tutorial! Just say no to boring cork! |

Trying to keep a home organized and running smoothly can be a hassle. On top of keeping track of a bunch of different schedules, there’s the inevitable paperwork that everyone has. Forms that need to be signed, bills that need to be paid, important reminders, emergency phone numbers, to do lists, receipts, etc. Our homes are full of […]

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DIY Apothecary Jars Tutorial

Making your own DIY apothecary jars is SO MUCH cheaper than buying them at the store. Plus these apothecary jars are the perfect holiday decoration. Just change out the filler each season for some beautiful seasonal decor! Check out the easy tutorial and get some ideas for jar fillers here! |

Apothecary jars are so cute and perfect for decorating your home for any and every season. You just fill up the jars with whatever accessories you desire, and you have instant decor that can easily be changed out whenever you want. I love to fill my apothecary jars with holiday decorations, as they’re so easy […]

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DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

These DIY tissue paper flowers are so easy to make, and you probably already have everything you need to make them at home! Make your own tissue paper flowers to add a pop of color to your home and welcome spring! They're also the perfect party centerpiece! |

One of my favorite ways to get ready for spring is to add lots of flowers and bright colors around the house. It really transforms the home and makes it look bright and cheery, even if the flowers outside have yet to bloom. I love making DIY flowers from anything and everything… fabric, felt, tissue paper, […]

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DIY Glitter Glass Jars without the Glitter Mess

I just love DIY glitter glass jars, but really hate the glitter mess! This is the perfect way to get the glitter look without mess! I can't believe I never thought of this before! So easy, and they make the perfect budget-friendly party centerpieces! |

I just love how quick and easy it is to turn a glass jar into something pretty and useful. One of my favorite ways to spruce up an old jar is to transform it with a little paint and glitter. I absolutely love the look of glitter glass jars! The only thing I don’t love about them […]

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