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DIY Valentine’s Day Wine Cork Heart Tutorial

How cute is this Valentine's Day wine cork heart decoration? It's super simple to make and would look fabulous on a mantel or as a table centerpiece. You could even give it as a gift for a wedding, anniversary, or just because! |

If there’s two things I really enjoy in life, one is a good bottle of wine, and the other is crafting. So you know I can’t resist combining the two with a good wine cork craft! And what better excuse to create a wine cork craft than Valentine’s Day? This wine cork heart is so easy to make, […]

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Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Sign + Blog Hop

Can you believe you can make this beautiful DIY Valentine's Day sign for only $5 and in 5 minutes?! Create your own beautiful Valentine's Day decoration with this simple tutorial! Also check out the links in the post for 13 more budget-friendly DIY Valentine's Day crafts! You'll never believe these crafts cost $10 or less!|

Are you ready to get your Valentine’s Day craft on? I sure hope so, because today I’ve teamed up with 13 other bloggers to bring you some beautiful, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts that are perfect for decorating your home! Each blogger was given a budget of no more than $10 and challenged to create a Valentine’s Day craft […]

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DIY Winter Burlap Wreath Tutorial

How beautiful is this DIY winter burlap wreath? I can't get enough of those little birds! Best of all, it's an interchangeable wreath, so you can change it for every holiday and season! |

So I have to say, usually I look forward to changing my wreath out and coming up with one for the next holiday and season. But this time, I really was not looking forward to it, because it’s winter, and if there’s one thing I dread more than anything here in New England, it’s winter! […]

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DIY Christmas Burlap Wreath Tutorial

This easy DIY Christmas burlap wreath will make your home look fabulous in time for Christmas! The best part is it's interchangeable, so you can change it for every holiday and season! |

One of my favorite things about Christmas (besides the cookies, of course) is the decorations. I thoroughly enjoy the pictures people post of their homes, I LOVE to take drives around town to see everyone’s houses all lit up, and of course I am SO excited to decorate my own house for Christmas! This time last year we had just […]

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DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree Tutorial

Create this gorgeous DIY wine cork Christmas tree for your home with this quick and easy tutorial! It will make a fabulous addition to your Christmas decor and a great gift for friends and family! |

So, you know you’re a wine cork craft addict when you send your husband to the store for wine and tell him to only buy wine bottles that have real corks. Priorities… we have them! I mean not only do I love to craft with wine corks, but I am all about coming up with great excuses […]

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DIY Interchangeable Fall Wreath

Decorate your home for fall with this easy DIY interchangeable fall burlap wreath! This wreath is interchangeable, so you can use it for every holiday and season! |

I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!  There is nothing like fall in New England. (Of course, there is nothing like winter in New England either, but we’re not going to think about that right now, are we?) Everywhere you turn there are trees that you never even knew existed all of a […]

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