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How to Color Coordinate Your Home on a Budget

When it comes to creating a home color palette, it can be so hard to know which colors to pick! This takes you step-by-step through the process to color coordinate your home. Best of all, you can do it all on a budget! See for yourself how easy it is to decorate your home like the pros without spending a ton of money! |

One of the hardest parts about decorating a home is color coordinating. Trying to make the 1,000 different colors in your home look like they belong together can be a nightmare, and doing it all within a budget can seem nearly impossible. However, it is definitely possible to color coordinate your home on a budget with a few simple tricks. I […]

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How to Plan a Room Makeover with Pinterest

Of course I'm totally addicted to Pinterest, but I've never even thought to use Pinterest to plan a room makeover! These tips are a must-read if you're planning a room renovation for your home! |

Call me weird, but I just love planning room makeovers. It’s so fun to pick out and envision different paint colors, furniture, decorations, and accessories. I’ve always planned my rooms with an idea in my head of what I want the finished product to look like. But I’ve found actually sketching it out and putting it on […]

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Inviting in Under 10 Minutes

Just what I needed to get our home ready for guests this weekend! Such easy ways to make your home look inviting, and the best part is they don't take long at all! Perfect for those last-minute finishing touches before the guests arrive! |

Have you ever been invited into someone’s house and instantly felt welcomed and relaxed? It’s doesn’t even have to be someone you know very well, but you still feel right at home in their house. There’s actually a reason for that, and it doesn’t have as much to do with the design and style as it does with creating an inviting atmosphere […]

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10 Natural Items You Can Craft into Home Decor

It's crazy that I have so many of these items from nature right outside my door, but I've never even thought to use them in my home decor! Nothing tops free natural home decor, that's for sure! I'll definitely be on the lookout the next time I go to the park! |

Did you know that not every DIY project costs a ton of money and requires a bunch of supplies? It’s definitely possible to create beautiful projects from supplies you already have. If you use your imagination, you can find supplies for amazing DIY home decor projects anywhere… while you’re at the park, taking a stroll along the beach, and […]

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Why You Should DIY Your Curtains

I am so tired of the overpriced store-bought curtains that don't even fit my windows! This has me convinced, DIY curtains are definitely the way to go! |

One of the most important elements you can have in a room that really ties it together and makes it look absolutely amazing is the curtains. Curtains add so much color, texture, and depth to the room. They have the power to completely transform the home and give it the look and feel you’re going for. The problem with […]

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How to Hang a Wreath without Damaging the Door

This is a GENIUS way to hang a wreath without damaging the door! I love to have a wreath on my door for every holiday, and I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner! |

I love to hang a wreath on my door for every holiday and season. I think it adds a wonderful bit of holiday spirit to our home and really makes the house look festive and inviting. The only problem with this is finding a good way to hang the wreath that won’t damage the door or weatherstripping. […]

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