Have you ever watched someone make something at a craft show or on TV and thought to yourself, “That’s so amazing! I could never do that. I don’t have what it takes!” Maybe the person was making a piece of furniture and you’re not a woodworker, or maybe they made a quilt, and you’re not a sewer. The truth of the matter is, all successful crafters and DIYers have several core traits in common. And chances are you, too, have several of these traits, and you do have what it takes!
Did you know there are several traits that separate successful DIYers from everyone else? How many do you have? | decorbytheseashore.comIt doesn’t matter whether you’re working with wood, paint, fabric, or any other medium. The traits that make a successful crafter are universal, and we all have the ability to hone and refine these traits until they’re second nature. So if you have any of the traits of a successful crafter, all you need is to learn how to apply them! Are you a crafter or do you know someone who is? Then chances are, you’ll identify with these traits!

10 Traits All Successful DIYers Have in Common

1. We’re patient: DIYing can require an infinite amount of patience. Sometimes we mess up and have to start completely over. Other times we just can’t get something to look or fit together quite like it should. And then there are the times when we’re literally just waiting for paint or glue to dry. Patience is not optional in our world, and chances are if we didn’t have plenty to go around, our projects would never be completed.

2. We have a vision: All DIY and craft projects start with a vision of something we want to make or the outcome we’d like to have. It’s this vision that guides us through the creation process until we’ve completed the final product. We have the ability to look at a pile of materials and see something that hasn’t yet been created. How awesome is that?

3. We’re resourceful: We have the ability to create something from nothing and literally turn trash into treasure. We can completely transform and repurpose something that would have otherwise been thrown away into something beautiful and usable again. We can take leftover scraps and random materials and turn them into a finished product. I don’t know about you, but that’s almost like a superhero ability in my book. ;)

4. We’re creative: We have creativity and imagination in abundance. Don’t try to tell us something is impossible or can’t be done, because we’ll find a way to do it. We’ll make something from nothing like it’s second nature to us, because it is. We find inspiration everywhere, and our creative gears are always turning as we plan our next project.

Did you know there are several traits that separate successful DIYers from everyone else? How many do you have? | decorbytheseashore.com

5. We’re unconventional: We don’t always go by the book. We do things the best way we know how, and while it’s not always the “approved” or “right” way, that doesn’t really matter to us. We know that a cookie cutter approach just doesn’t work when we’re crafting and DIYing, so we get a little creative and do what works best for us and our project. We push boundaries and become trendsetters in the process.

6. We’re not afraid to get dirty: So often our hands and clothing are covered in paint, glue, and who knows what other craft mediums. And don’t even get us started on the condition of our craft areas. It’s just part of the creation process, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

7. We have a lot of heart: We pour our hearts and souls into our projects. Our projects aren’t just another product you can buy in a store. They’re handmade, custom creations that we’ve spent our precious time making. We’ve thought through every detail to ensure our project is a success.

8. We’re resilient: We’ve had to overcome injuries, bad weather, and even complete project failures. But despite these setbacks, we never let it stop us or get us down. We keep moving forward, and if at first we don’t succeed, we keep trying until we do. We don’t let anything stand in our way!

Did you know there are several traits that separate successful DIYers from everyone else? How many do you have? | decorbytheseashore.com

9. We have scars: We’ve suffered splinters, glue gun burns, and perhaps even a sewing machine or nail gun incident or two. Some injuries only require a bandaid and some ointment, while others we’ll have scars from forever. We wear our scars like a badge of pride. And though they were painful at the time, deep down in our hearts we know we’d do it all over again, because the project outcome was so worth it!

10. We’re proud of our accomplishments: We never tire of the look on someone’s face when we tell them we made the item they’re admiring. We’re proud of the fact that our creation cost a fraction of what it would have to buy it at the store, and it has a lot more meaning to us than something that was store bought. We love that you can walk into our homes, and you’ll never find the items that we have anywhere else because they’re one-of-a-kind.

As crafters and DIYers, we’re constantly planning, creating, and refining our projects and skills whether we’re learning something new or doing something for the hundredth time. So it should come as no surprise that these characteristics make us unique and perfect for the job!

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