The Best Gifts for Crafters

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Finally, a wishlist for crafters! Check out this ultimate list of the BEST gifts for crafters! PLUS tips to hint to your spouse what you really want for the holidays! |

So, I personally don’t participate in the Black Friday madness. I prefer to stay snuggled up with a blanket spending time with family and contemplating how many platefuls of Thanksgiving leftovers I will consume that day. I am just not into the whole standing outside in the freezing cold for hours only to get elbowed and pushed out of the way for something ridiculous like $1 towels. (Who’s with me here?)

That being said, I am all about fantastic deals! I just prefer to do my shopping from the comfort of my couch in my PJs while consuming copious amounts of Thanksgiving leftovers (hello food coma day 2) and adding things to my wishlist. That way when people ask what I want for Christmas, instead of just saying “I dunno” and ending up with 20 pairs of socks, I can send them my wishlist link!

I personally like Amazon’s wish list because you can add items from external sites. Plus everyone and their brother has an account on Amazon, so it’s easy enough to just send your link to friends and family and they can just add the items to their cart and check out. Christmas shopping done!

Everyone always wonders what the best gifts for crafters are. We are a hard bunch to shop for, I guess, so I put together this wishlist that includes some of the best gifts a crafter could ever receive! Most of these are items that I own or use on a regular basis, so I can tell you from personal experience that they are incredibly useful (and sometimes necessary) for crafting! I hope you use this list for inspiration and ideas to add to your own wishlist, and that you get lots of fun crafting presents this year!

I tried to include a good mix of items price-wise. Some of the items on the list are pricier, big ticket items, and make great gifts to ask Santa for. Go big or go home, right? It’s the holidays, after all. If you need to give some not-so-subtle hints, might I suggest following these tips.

Finally, a wishlist for crafters! Check out this ultimate list of the BEST gifts for crafters! PLUS tips to hint to your spouse what you really want for the holidays! |

  • Set the homepage on his computer to the link of what you want. (Whoops, how did that happen?)
  • Print out a picture of the item with a link of where to buy it. Tape the picture to the bathroom mirror, fridge, or even his pillow. (I’m not sure when the dog learned to use the printer, but what a neat trick!)
  • Text him a link of the item. (I told the kids to stop playing with my phone!)
  • Create an Amazon wishlist. (It’s like the magical Amazon elves knew exactly what I wanted and made this convenient list for you!)
  • Post a link to the item on whatever social media he uses most. (I don’t know where that came from. My account must have been hacked or something!)
  • “Accidentally” buy the item yourself and give it to him to wrap. (Did I go shopping online in my sleep again?)
  • Ask friends or family to drop the hint for you. (I don’t know where my crazy sister gets these ideas from!)

In my case, my husband doesn’t pick up on the not-so-subtle hints, so I have to be more specific, like “This is what I want and it’s on sale this week, so I’m buying it. You can wrap it and put it under the tree, and I’ll act really surprised, kk?” I am a total spoil sport like that, but it usually ensures I get exactly what I want, and my husband doesn’t have to worry about holiday shopping for me. Win win!

Finally, a wishlist for crafters! Check out this ultimate list of the BEST gifts for crafters! PLUS tips to hint to your spouse what you really want for the holidays! |

Cutting Machine: If you’ve ever wanted to cut your own shapes, letters, designs, and pictures out of paper, vinyl, and even fabric, you need a cutting machine! A cutting machine really opens up a whole new world of crafting possibilities! In addition to having the ability to design your own creations, you can find a ton of tutorials and sites that offer free cuts and patterns online. I have a Silhouette, and I must say that it is fantastic for cutting all kinds of fun shapes and patterns. I also know plenty of people who love their Cricut, so it’s really up to your personal preference and what features you’re looking for.

These machines can be pricey, but I have seen some pretty great deals for them around the holidays, so keep your eyes peeled! The bundle deals are usually great buys because they include a lot of accessories that would cost more if purchased separately.

Cutting Machine Accessories: If you already have a cutting machine, you might want to replenish some of the accessories, such as cutting mats, blades, vinyl, paper, tools, etc. These also make great stocking stuffers. Just make sure they’re compatible with your machine!

Sewing Machine: If you’ve been wanting to start sewing, Christmas is the perfect time to ask for a sewing machine! It is really not hard to learn to sew, and there a ton of free tutorials online that can teach you. Plus, a sewing machine can easily pay for itself many times over with the things you can make with it. I hem and alter our clothing, I made all the curtains in our home, and I make many smaller crafts and gifts throughout the year with my sewing machine. I use a Brother sewing machine similar to this one, which I’ve had for years and it still runs like new. There are all kinds of great sewing machines at all different price levels. You can pick up an entry level machine with just a few basic stitches and it will be pretty good for all your basic craft needs and last for years.

Sewing Machine Accessories:
If you’re new to sewing, you’ll need a few accessories to start out. I recommend some fabric scissors, a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler, as well as some bobbins (make sure they’re the right size for your machine), pins and a pin cushion, and a seam ripper (you’ll need it!). You can also ask for fun colorful things like assorted thread kits and of course the best part, the fabric! Though this is something you’ll probably choose on a project-by-project basis, it doesn’t hurt to look around and pick out some fabric that you really like. Sometimes fabric comes before the project idea! Check out my must-read tips for buying fabric online here.


Photo Printer: A photo printer is a nice way to save money and print your own photos at home! It is especially great for scrapbooking and crafting. I have the older version of this machine, and I really like it. I use it for printing photos for gifts as well as pictures to use for photo canvases in our home. And don’t forget about the free printables. Where would we be without those?

Mod Podge: If ever I was to write an ode to one of my crafting supplies, it would be Mod Podge. Where would we be without Mod Podge? Mod Podge is such a staple in the crafting world that there is a blog devoted to Mod Podge crafts. I don’t know about you, but I go through a significant amount of this stuff on a regular basis. It’s a fabulous stocking stuffer idea, as almost every crafter uses it (and many non-crafters I know too).

Glue Gun: My love for my glue gun rivals that of my love for Mod Podge. I mean really, what worldly problem can’t be fixed with a glue gun? I use my glue gun, dare I say more than Mod Podge, so you know that’s a lot! I think my glue gun is used in almost every craft I do! There’s also a blog devoted to glue gun crafts (are you noticing a trend yet?). There are so many brands of glue guns, and they’re all pretty decently priced, so you really can’t go wrong. (Don’t forget the glue sticks to go with it!)

Craft Storage: There are so many organizational systems and ways to store your craft supplies. I use this nine cube organizer and fabric drawers, which you can see in action here. It really depends on how much stuff you have to store and how much space you have. Getting your craft stash organized can be a great way to start the new year!

Gift Cards: Gift cards to a local craft store such as JoAnn’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and even Amazon make great gifts for crafters. If I don’t have something specific in mind, I usually just ask for gift cards to a craft store because I know I will definitely use them, and that way I can get the exact supplies I need when I need them.

Time to Craft: If the budget is tight this year, instead of asking for something under the tree, perhaps ask for something that can’t be bought with money. Ask for your spouse to handle the kids for an hour a week so you can have some time to yourself to craft. Even if money isn’t tight, this is a fantastic idea, especially for those with young children. I don’t know about you, but crafting is like cheap therapy for me (well, sometimes not so much on the cheap side, but you know). Creating something with my hands is just very relaxing and soothing to the soul. An hour each week away from the kids and chaos can be the best gift you’ll ever receive! (Also check out my post on how to make time to craft for more tips.)

Craft Books: In today’s digital world, it seems there is an unending supply of craft ideas on the internet, but I still love reading books about crafting. There is something so satisfying about opening a book full of craft ideas, and don’t even get me started about the intoxicating new book smell! (Come on, there is nothing like the smell of a new book. If you’ve never smelled one, you are missing out on life!) A craft book is also a great idea if you don’t have time to sift through the internet to find ideas, or for learning a new craft such as sewing or knitting.

Craft Classes: Craft classes are perfect if you want to learn a new skill or take a skill to the next level. Almost every craft store has craft classes, so check online or ask for a class schedule the next time you’re at the store. And did you know you can also take online craft classes? These are such a great idea for crafters who can’t make it to an in-person craft class!

I hope you found this list helpful and it gave you some good ideas for your own wishlist. Is there anything you’d add to the list? What’s on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!



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14 thoughts on “The Best Gifts for Crafters

  1. Great ideas all of them. I really like the Mod Podge suggestion. My husband was on a trip recently in the US and I asked him to bring me back… you geuessed it! Mod Podge. Love the stuff and yes youcan go through it really fast!

    1. Celeste

      You can’t buy Mod Podge over there? Oh my gosh I would go through serious withdrawal! But you should be able to get it online though, right? Lol I don’t know if I’d be fit for survival in the boondocks! You guys have it rough! 😉

  2. Wonderful suggestions. My other half and I do not really do a lot of gift-giving to each other any more, but I have often thought of the idea of buying ourselves something, wrapping it up and then having the intended GIVER open the gift to be surprised by what he/she bought for the other! That way, we get what we want and there is still some element of surprise – albeit on the other side. 😉

    1. Celeste

      I know! Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you can’t buy with money! And that so disappointing that your husband lost your own Christmas gift! I’m pretty sure you’re entitled to an extra one after that. 😉

  3. Great ideas, I would love all of them!! This year I went out (rather ordered online, lol) a couple of things I have wanted. When they came in I handed the box to the Mr. and told him to wrap them for Christmas from him to me. His Christmas shopping is done and I’m going to be happy when I get to open them because I know it’s something I wanted, lol! Happy Holiday’s!

    1. Celeste

      Lol Cheryl, we are two peas in a pod! I do the same thing! My husband rolls his eyes, but he is used to it by now, and it saves him from aimlessly wandering around the mall on Christmas Eve anyways. Happy holidays to you and your family!

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