How to Choose the Right Acrylic Paint for Your Craft Project

I always use acrylic paints for my DIY projects, so this is super helpful for figuring out how to choose the right acrylic paint for the project! No more standing in the paint aisle debating which paint to buy for hours at a time! |

I love acrylic craft paints, and I’m pretty sure the 52+ bottles of it in my craft stash are living proof! All the different colors and finishes and textures make them perfect for DIY projects. And you really can’t beat the cost! You can typically get a 2 oz. bottle for $1-2. Because they’re so cheap, you can easily buy new paint colors for every project without breaking the bank (hence why my craft room is full of them).

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How to Create When You Don’t Feel Creative

I feel like I've just hit a creative roadblock lately, but these tips have definitely given me a creative jump start! Just what I needed to get to work on my DIY projects and create even when I'm not feeling creative! |

Have you ever had one of those times that you’re on a deadline but just can’t muster up the motivation to complete a project? Maybe you’re just not feeling creative and you can’t get started. Or you’ve already started but just can’t bring yourself to finish the project. That’s perfectly normal! Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, everyone hits a rut every now and then that just causes all motivation to go flying out the window.

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10 Traits All Successful DIYers Have in Common

Did you know there are several traits that separate successful DIYers from everyone else? How many do you have? |

Have you ever watched someone make something at a craft show or on TV and thought to yourself, “That’s so amazing! I could never do that. I don’t have what it takes!” Maybe the person was making a piece of furniture and you’re not a woodworker, or maybe they made a quilt, and you’re not a sewer. The truth of the matter is, all successful crafters and DIYers have several core traits in common. And chances are you, too, have several of these traits, and you do have what it takes!

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DIY Interchangeable 4th of July Wreath

LOVE this DIY interchangeable 4th of July wreath! The best part is you can switch out the accessories for the next holiday since it's interchangeable! So, so smart! This is the perfect way to show that patriotic pride! |

If there’s one piece of seasonal decor that I love to display, it’s a wreath. Wreaths are the perfect way to not only welcome guests to your home, but also to welcome upcoming holidays and seasons! The only drawback to seasonal wreaths is that you hang them on your door for a few weeks, and before you know it the holiday is over and it’s time to decorate for the next one. Then you have to find a place to store all these wreaths until next year. And trust me, they can take up a lot of space, and it adds up quickly! Luckily, I’ve come up with a super sneaky way that allows me to hang the same wreath on my door all year round and nobody can tell the difference!

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How to Plan a Room Makeover with Pinterest

Of course I'm totally addicted to Pinterest, but I've never even thought to use Pinterest to plan a room makeover! These tips are a must-read if you're planning a room renovation for your home! |

Call me weird, but I just love planning room makeovers. It’s so fun to pick out and envision different paint colors, furniture, decorations, and accessories. I’ve always planned my rooms with an idea in my head of what I want the finished product to look like. But I’ve found actually sketching it out and putting it on paper or computer screen is a much better way to get a visual idea of how all of the different elements will work together beforehand. Plus, then you can tweak and make adjustments before beginning any work and spending any money or committing to anything.

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How to Make an Interchangeable Wreath

This is such a genius idea! Make an interchangeable wreath and just use the same wreath form all year long. Just change out the accessories! A totally brilliant way to hang a seasonal wreath on your door without buying and storing a bunch of wreath forms! |

So, I have a little home decorating secret to share with you. Don’t tell anyone, but I have the exact same wreath hanging on my front door all year. How boring, right? Not really! I’ve found with a little creativity and crafting, I’m able to change out the accessories and make it look completely different for every holiday and season. In fact, nobody can even tell it’s the same wreath!

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Inviting in Under 10 Minutes

Just what I needed to get our home ready for guests this weekend! Such easy ways to make your home look inviting, and the best part is they don't take long at all! Perfect for those last-minute finishing touches before the guests arrive! |

Have you ever been invited into someone’s house and instantly felt welcomed and relaxed? It’s doesn’t even have to be someone you know very well, but you still feel right at home in their house. There’s actually a reason for that, and it doesn’t have as much to do with the design and style as it does with creating an inviting atmosphere where guests feel welcomed and at home.

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6 Habits Every Crafter Needs to Adopt

I love to DIY and create, but I don't always finish my projects. I've never even thought about changing my crafting habits! Numbers 2 & 4 are total game changers! If I can get into these healthy habits, I know my crafting game will be on fire! |

Can you imagine living in a world where you you have plenty of time to craft, you actually finish all of your projects, and your craft supplies are always nicely organized? I know, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But actually, these things are all possible, even for those who prefer to craft spontaneously! It all comes down to creating healthy crafting habits!

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DIY Interchangeable Summer Wreath

How amazing is this DIY interchangeable summer wreath? It totally reminds me of a day at the beach! The best part is, it's interchangeable, so you can switch out the accessories for the next holiday. So so smart! |

If there’s one piece of seasonal decor that I love to display in my house year-round, it’s a wreath. I feel that a beautiful wreath adds the perfect touch of seasonal cheer to the home and makes the home feel inviting and welcoming. But I really don’t have the desire or space to store a different wreath for every holiday and season. Really, who does? So I’ve developed a way that allows me to hang a different holiday wreath without worrying about storing or buying a new wreath form.

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